Posted by: Josh | April 10, 2011

Minecontrol for Minecraft 1.1.0 released

This update is mainly a giant refactor to the codebase (read: turning a tacked-together prototype into something I can sustain) but has a few added benefits.


  • Selectable controller input (instead of relying on auto detection). For the best experience, still use your Xbox 360 controller
  • Pulsed movement controls – moving forward with your analog joystick will be converted into a varying sequence of “w-w-w”s for precision walking without holding shift. Looking around is also variable too
  • Togglable walking
  • Future support for other handy things – saving preferences, custom gamepad and keyboard mapping for other controllers and other games
  • Increased accuracy and refiring of buttons

Regressions from 1.0.1:

  • If Java can’t load any JInput devices, you won’t see an error message – just no controllers to select
  • Switching to/from your inventory doesn’t change the look sensitivity. You can still change sensitivity any time by pressing Xbox’s Select button.

If you’ve already got Minecontrol 1.0.1 installed, just launch the app again to get the update. Otherwise, have your browser open this link here (Java 1.5+ required).

As always, full source code is freely available at Bitbucket .



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  3. Damn, I was so used to jump with A that now it’s really difficult. I hope the new version with custom gamepad mapping comes soon.

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  5. Thanks for your feedback Javier. I found that having the jump button there made it awkward to use the inventory screen. Regardless, v1.1.1 will let you fix the default.

  6. the mouseview stops working when you get to the edge of the screen.

  7. I advise relegating the “absolutely nothing” D-pad to a quick-select for the first eight hotkeyed items: trigger on state changes from centered to another direction, and on state changes from cardinal directions to diagonal ones (but not vice versa) — and map them to the keys 1-8.

  8. Mouse actions are ‘sticking’ in Snow Leopard, but otherwise the interface seems to work well.

  9. When I rotate my view (using the Right Stick) it seems to move quite choppily, but then if I switch back to mouse it is fine. I have tried adjusting the sensitivity and it doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference. Any way I can get the Right Stick to rotate view as smoothly as a mouse does?

    Thanks! Other than the rotate view I am really enjoying this program.

  10. works like a charm (instantly after installing, no problems at all 🙂 ) thank you very much for your work! I really appreciate it 🙂

  11. But yeah, Wes is right about the camera rotation, I really hope you can improve this 🙂

  12. is it for WII also???

  13. My controller doesn’t appear on the list. I have the 1.2 Microsoft driver for the xbox 360 controller installed on windows 7 Ultimate-64bit

  14. Can you let me assign more buttons for the xbox controller? I use a flymod and would like to be able to controll it with the controller

  15. I find that my trigger always sticks. Meaning im always punching blocks unless i press the trigger and it stops until i let go again. Also im using a mac and i don’t know if this will have any difference but when im playing i can’t spin around in a circle because my mouse will go offscreen and get lost. Meaning i just stop and can’t look around anymore at all. For some reason my start, back + my joystick buttons have switched. So i will press start and i will crouch instead of going to the menu. Changing the button config makes no difference. Really great work so far though!

  16. how do i even go about setting this shit up lol its getting me flustered…

  17. Wow, this article is nice, my younger sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to let know her.

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  19. I’m trying to troubleshoot my minecontrol for an xbox tournament controller but it keeps making me look straight up not forward…:(

  20. How can i remove this?

  21. And lastlyÖ For the UI, there is the button for attack which we shall be using shortly.
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  22. Same body can help me just say how to download?

  23. when I try to open this program it says Unable to launch the application and I have java 1.7 any help me be amazing

  24. OH btw im trying to use my PS4 controller

  25. my mouse keeps going up when i use my controller can someone help me please

  26. To everyone saying your pointer moves when you’re not moving the analog sticks on your controller, that means your sticks are worn. Happened to me, there is some roaming when the controller has been used extensively.

    To download, just click the link and save it to your desktop.

    Just bought a new wired 360 controller from Amazon, about $17. MotionInJoy doesn’t recognize it, so I remembered this. Loaded up the java and boom, instant control with my 360 controller.

  27. When i download it the application says its blocked

  28. For the application blocked problem there is a temporary solution to add
    as a trusted site for instructions at
    I’ll be looking at what Minecraft itself does and for workarounds, tracked at

  29. its cool your xbox 360 controler is in your pc.

  30. when ever i try to move it never works how i want. It always spams w,a,s,or d. when i try to move it always sticks and i cant move. any ideas how to fix this?

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  32. my java wont let me install 😦

  33. will not install java keeps blocking due to not being trusted added to trusted list still n luck

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