Posted by: Josh | April 17, 2011

Minecontrol for Minecraft 1.1.1 released

This version adds support for custom controller mapping! Now you can jump/crouch/fall into lava with whichever buttons you like! Your settings won’t be saved when you quit though, yet.

If you’ve already got Minecontrol running, just start it up again (or click the link below) to get the latest version.

As usual, the links:

Click to run Minecontrol for Minecraft (Java 1.5+ via Java Web Start required)

The 1.1.0 update

View Source at Bitbucket



  1. Chrome users: if it asks you to save a JNLP file, that’s the thing that’s suppose to run Minecontrol. See to get this to start Java automatically

  2. Nice update 😀
    Thanks to you I’ve never played Minecraft with a keyboard.

  3. i don’t understand how to use this, i have tried using both Chrome and Firefox and all it does is download a file or ask me what program to run it with, what do i need to do?

  4. okay now i got it started but my controller doesn’t show up on the list.

  5. Please add the “back” button to the list.
    I want that for opening inventory =)

  6. plz add a button so i can change to jump

  7. love the program, ive tried nicer ones, but none of them do that thing your’s does where it presses the wasd keys in such a way to allow moving in any direction. please add the ability to map any key to any button. and XInput support would be awesome! (it allows for rumble and pressing both triggers at once!). and d-pad support 😀

  8. I”m using a logitech controller and all the buttons are scrambled. I’d pay you $10 if you made this workable for my controller. not to mention all the others using logitech controllers! My right joystick does not walk, instead it left clicks the mouse when i push left.

  9. When I download the download it gives me windows media center and not minecontrol please tell me why this is happending to me!!


  10. If you are using a PS3 controller and an XBOX 360 controller emulator the inventory button does not work. Any suggestions?

  11. ya my controler is new and its an afterglow one i got from gamestop and it dosen’t show up on the screen. why?

  12. This is a great addition to the minecraft game. I was using a great mouse/keyboard for this, but the ability to use a xbox controller means no mousepad needed. I would love to be able to save my settings upon closing the game, that would make this thing perfect. Have you ever experimented with an controller?

  13. umm it couldnt find my controller

  14. my Xbox 360 controller isn’t showing up on the list. the Found New Software Manager opened and i went through the whole process, but my controller still isn’t showing up on the list, why?

  15. Everything works great but my right joy stick doesn’t work it only moved the mouse around and I’m using an Xbox controller please help!

  16. Is there a way to turn off the pulse movement? its too jumpy for me but otherwise its perfect no bugs

  17. the input response is high latency but low resolution, that is to say I don’t notice considerable lag from the initiation, just the inputs position mapping has fewer positions, so when you look at an enemy at a distance, like in call of duty for instance, there is a good probability that as you aim the cursor, the reticle will simply jump past the mark without crossing over it, denying you that crucial shot window, that is the big flaw here, smoothness, you can feel the loss in minecraft too, it’s a good idea, but the current implementation is just too simple to be good in a high precision game environment.

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