Posted by: Josh | June 28, 2012

Minecontrol for Minecraft 1.2.0 released: preference saving


  • Saves and loads your mapping preference settings between sessions
  • Fixed certain machines failing to load the JInput controller libraries (an empty list of game controllers)
  • Tested with Windows 8 Release Preview! (8400)

If you’ve already got Minecontrol running, just start it up again (or click the link below) to get the latest version.

I’ll investigate the stability issues some of you are reporting, add proper support for Mac OS X, and look at the feature suggestions that have been posted; so until then, enjoy the update!

The links:

Click to run Minecontrol for Minecraft (Java 1.5+ via Java Web Start required)

View Source at Bitbucket

Running this creates a start menu/desktop launch link.

  • Use the created link or the link above to launch the app.
  • If Google Chrome won’t run it, try again in Internet Explorer.


  1. its bull.
    doesn’t work properly with the driver.
    no trigger button actions or that the action button is completely wrong.
    for example left trigger button – q it says shift on minecraft.
    Check your coding bud

  2. Works Great, however, it seems to have an issue saving any changes made to the control file, when exiting out of the program and then using it again, its back to the default controls you have laid out.

  3. Why cant you make it so that i can use it without internet?

  4. could you really make it offline because im always prepared for gaming without internet. but this requires internet, so when i go to school (when the internet has a filter) or camping i cant use it… it would be awesome if you could make it also offline.

  5. i restarted my computer bc of updates and when my screen came up again it was gone!!! and now i cant download it again!! WTF

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