Posted by: Josh | October 3, 2008

Abandoned: Project Codename X

This project started out as a command-line game back in the yesteryears of high school days with my friend Dryw.  We decided to raise the bar on our requirements and break out of the terminal. And for the first time, in both of our programming careers, a window, made of Java and javax.swing, was born.

Ah, that's much prettier than before!

The weekend before the due date, we had decided to push for completion. This ended up being an all-nighter fueled by sushi, pop, and Nightwish’s discography.

Needless to say, our coding rush and lack of software design strategies left this code in ruins, earning it the unfortunate status of “abandoned”. Now I really pay attention to package management and code structure, so this wasn’t a total loss, and neither of us have pulled an all-nighter coding since.



  1. Josh! You need to talk about this in a bit more detail, cuz I also want to write a small game in Java.

    Is your graphics interactive? I wish to make a Go board that can be clicked on…

  2. These graphics weren’t actually clickable (controlled by the buttons down below), but it would’ve probably ended up being so. I’ve been wanting to make a proper game ever since… so many projects, not enough time!

    I’ll try to fulfill your request, so stay tuned for a post on using the Swing library in the future!

  3. I love the little story behind this project, it’s so classic and highschool-feeling.

    I remember when Josh and Dryw were developing this thing. I was still like “ooooo java.. must get properly introduced”. I was developing in C/C++ at the time and would have loved to make use of the facilities Java provided.

    Also, Lol @ ultralisks.

  4. oh yeah, the reason why you (sub zero) appears to be a floating head was cause there was some massive animated gif tearing going on. sub zero would bob in his defensive stance around the tile you’re standing on

  5. like

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