Posted by: Josh | March 21, 2013

Minecontrol 2.0 released!

Play any game with your Xbox 360 controller! Minecontrol converts joystick input into WASD keyboard pulses and mouse movements to maximize compatibility with any controller-disabled game!

Version 2 has been brewing for a long time and has taken a lot of previous comments into account – D-pad support, saveable settings, huge button mappings, and ability to turn off trigger buttons to name a few! This is the successor for Minecontrol for Minecraft v1.x.



  • NEW: D-Pad mapping
  • NEW: refreshed UI
  • NEW: switch any button mapping to toggle mode (press once/hold key)
  • NEW: disable the trigger buttons
  • NEW: rearchitected for more fun
  • Xbox 360 controller support (Windows, Mac OSX/Linux/alternate controllers experimental)
  • Convert left joystick into WASD pulses, regulated by how much you push on the stick
  • Convert right joytick into mouse movements, also regulated by how much you push on the stick
  • Invert right joystick Y axis
  • Convert the trigger joystick into mouse movements
  • Map all controller buttons, joystick buttons, shoulders, to a huge set of available keyboard buttons or mouse commands

For more information visit Stay up to date with the latest version!


  1. Plug in your controller to your computer. Make sure your computer detects it!
  2. Visit and run the Java Web Start (JNLP) file to run Minecontrol. Running from this URL or the placed desktop icon will keep you up to date with the latest version.
  3. Your Xbox controller should already be configured for use. Use the configuration panel to map keys to your likings! Enjoy!


  1. Uninstall from your OS control panel. This application uninstalls like any standard Java Web Start application.

Note: preferences are saved in your home directory, as .minecontrol2.txt.


What about v1.x?

This version will no longer be maintained. If you’d like to download it manually or view the source, visit

Happy digging!



  1. I just tried the app tonight – great work! There is one missing feature though that is keeping me from being able to use it – setting a “deadzone” for the thumbsticks and triggers. I’m guessing my controller is no longer tight as it once was and at rest will drift and occasionally the trigger appears “stuck”.

  2. Oh, and can you allow Enter to be mapped? When you die you can move the mouse with the thumbstick but there doesn’t seem to be a way to click “respawn”

  3. Awesome, thanks!

  4. hey this is a great program works perfect in the game its self but it messed up my key bored and mouse cant use the scroll whell number pad and my caps lock and num lock got reversed on is off and off is on any idea on a fix ?

  5. never mined fixed it fix was hol ctrl + alt and hit shift twice

    great program

  6. I just can’t make it work, i download the download.jnlp, i double-click on the file, a Java7 window opens up and then it just tells me that it’s impossible to launch the application giving me this error:

    MissingFieldException[ Il seguente campo obbligatorio non è contenuto nel file di avvio: ]
    at com.sun.javaws.jnl.XMLFormat.parse(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDescFactory.buildDescriptor(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDescFactory.buildDescriptor(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDescFactory.buildDescriptor(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.updateFinalLaunchDesc(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.launch(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source)
    at Source)


  7. I tried running the link with JavaWS, but it simply doesn’t open. It will show a window with the drawn controller and some text for about 1 nanosecond, then disappear. No error, no running any program.

  8. doesn’t work!?

    Minecontrol for Minecraft
    Josh Carrier

    Allows gamepads such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller to be used with Minecraft.

  9. Minecontrol for Minecraft
    Josh Carrier

    Allows gamepads such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller to be used with Minecraft.

  10. ok well its an error either way its saying unable to launch application. 😦

    i used it and it worked like a year ago…

  11. Help! I LOVE the app and can’t imagine playing without it but for some reason my left trigger (place block) is constantly getting ‘stuck’ and places many block in a row without pressing again. I have to hit it repeatedly until it becomes ‘unstuck’ It does it with all 3 controllers I have which are brand new and work flawlessly with the xbox- it’s quite a headache. Any ideas of what my issue may be? I don’t know what I can do- I did n’t have this problem with the original build.

  12. I need help after updating to minecontrol 2.0. I can’t get minecraft and mine control to work at the same time. Do you have any advice or possible solutions? Thanks in advance.

  13. I have the same problem that “Jake” posted about. My left trigger (place button gets stuck and places a ton of block constantly until i hit the trigger 2 or 3 more times to stop it. It is really annoying. I hope you can fix it. Other than that, this is a great app and I couldn’t play Minecraft without. Great job and thanks for your work!

  14. A few bugs/comments:

    1. “Look/Sensitivity” configuration is malfunctioning. Mouse sensitivity is the upper set of sliders, not the lower set as labeled. Nothing seems to affect movement sensitivity.

    2. I think this issue is unavoidable as it is just caused by Minecraft having the player arm lag behind when moving the camera. There is a noticeable shakiness when camera panning, most noticeable by looking at the player’s arm/tool. I’ve noticed this with other joystick software, plus you can reproduce it with a mouse by doing quick stuttering movements. I’m thinking there might be a Minecraft mod to correct for this, I’ll check around and see if I can find anything.

    3. I’d really like to be able to switch the functions of left and right joysticks, but at the moment they are read only.

  15. Hmm, I guess some of the camera shake is due to the polling rate of the joystick as well, as the background shakes too, just not as noticeable as the hand.

  16. I successfully downloaded the minecontrol, it recognizes my controller, but when I load Minecraft, the controller wont move my mouse. Any recommendations?

  17. when i use it devices ing the box help

  18. there are no devices listed sorry for the last one

  19. I have same problem when I go to use it the devices tab has no selections and my Xbox controllers on

  20. hey Kris, did you find any info if there is a mod to control the shaking and stuttering?

  21. It works except that the whole right side of my controller doesnt work in minecraft and instead works as a mouse on my desktop…what do i do?


  23. I go this for my grandson to play MC with the controller. It works great and we have had no problem using it so far. Now if I can just ever get my pc back it would be better.

  24. Does minecontrol work without internet cuz it wasn’t for me. I downloaded it, it worked great so I turned off my internet and then it wouldn’t work. When I clicked on it, it would pop up but where you choose your controller was blank and didn’t have any options. I eventually turned my internet on and it worked again. So is there a way around it because I use my phone’s hotspot and can’t keep it turned on all day since it drains my battery. Also I plan to get a desktop soon and it doesn’t have a wifi thing so I won’t be able to connect it to my hotspot.

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  26. How do i sprint?

  27. All the buttons work on the controller except for the left toggle…I cant move forward or backwards…!!

  28. This is one of the best things out there – but HOW do you run the JNLP file?
    Thanks In Advance

  29. i cant choose my xbox 360 controller, only standard keyboard or dell touchpad. by the way my 360 conrtoller is connected by a usb cord

  30. Is it possible to turn off the pulse mode? it would help a TON

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  32. I downloaded minecontrol it sees my controller fine but when I start minecraft nothing. Running Ubuntu linux. Also ran a jstest-gtk which show the xbox controller and allows me to calibrate it. Not sure

  33. Would it be possible to invert the mouse only in movement mode, but not in mouse mode? It feels rather awkward for the Y-axis to be inverted while moving something on the screen.

  34. Hey, this is really great, except for one BIG problem. The problem is not really with your controller software, but with the Minecraft setting that double-tapping W causes movement to go into Sprint. This happens ALL THE TIME. It’s probably a timing thing where the “pulse” turns into a double-tap. Is there a way to work around this? Maybe this is why Sean Hale asked if you can add a setting to turn off Pulse mode.

  35. it gives me no option to run or launch it

  36. it just sais open or save. what do I do?

  37. Is there a way to bind CTRL to a button? I didn’t see the option in the bind settings, and I would rather not have to bind crouch back to shift to use my controller…

  38. So apparently this program is DOA for the new 1.6.4 Minecraft Launcher… =/

  39. Just so you know, whenever I launch this, it says it will run, but that it will be locked in future versions of Java due to security or certificate issues. Hope there’s a fix for this, I love this app!

  40. hey guys! when i downloaded minecontrol, i then opened minecraft and when i click on a world and click on “Play Selected World” the whole program just closes. what gives?

  41. apparently it controllls all over the place , the first time it worked , i tried exiting the game and the mouse all of a sudden controll by itself. restarted it byself it looks like your controll it were not stupid guys don’t download find something else

  42. Needs an option to adjust input threshold that way you don’t get joystick drift. Other than that it’s great!!!

  43. Everything works except the left joy stick (move). Any ideas? Windows 7, wireless xbox 360 controller

  44. Can you make an executable so I can use this while offline?

  45. doesnt work for me at all anymore.. sucks.. my lil boy is insisting on using the controller.. maybe i can use something else.

  46. Fresh install of Win7 32 bit and Java 1.7.45

    Everytime i try to run it, it says You security settings have blocked a saelf-signed application from running.

    Sign it Josh! LOL

    No, but seriously how do I fix this??


  47. “Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running.”

    Did I do something wrong? I didn’t think I could screw up three steps.
    I tried turning off all security, and I still got same error message.

  48. You can bypass “Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running.” by doing the following:

    1: Visit

    2: Right click on one of the Minecraft controls link and copy the URL.

    3: Open Configure Java application, located in your Start Menu or Start Menu, All Programs.

    4: In the Java Control Panel, click on Security.

    5: Click on Edit Site List…

    6: Click Add and click on the box that just appeared and paste in the URL. If a warning dialogue appears, click Continue.

    7: Click OK and close the Java Control Panel and re-click on the URL that you copied earlier and open it.

    8: Click on the check box and click on Run.

    Now Minecraft controls will be running, so happy crafting. 🙂

  49. plss it’s blocked

  50. Hi Josh,
    I appreciate your work. I was able to download and run the software through Java but the device listing is empty. I see that someone else asked the same question but there was no answer. again, the controller is on and tests good when I test using joy.cpl.
    Controller is (rock candy gamepad for Xbox360)

    Thanks for any assistance in advance,

  51. This is very handy with my PC controller, but the READ-ONLY MAPPINGS should be adjustable like the rest of the days. It makes little sense when it comes to it. I hope the update of this will do such. Other than that, it’s nice. 4/5

  52. *keys, not days. lol

  53. having same problem as Jake with left trigger getting stuck and placing blocks for 10 or more before stoping

  54. Dvorak layout user here, and the read only mappings are causing me a lot of problems. It would be very helpful to be able to change the keys for those settings.

  55. All it takes me to is the Java download page……

    sry if this looks like spam or if you just dont get on alot

  57. Hi all! Whoa, I’m really behind on the comments and the bug fixes. I’ve written down a couple people have mentioned here ( but I really need community contribution for this project to succeed.

    In the meantime, you can also try loading the previous major version here (

  58. Thanks! Appreciate it.

  59. Some friendly feedback. Seems like a great idea, i wish it worked for me.
    I was hoping it would allow me to use the xbox controller for some KB/M-only games like GTA and Deus ex, but sadly no. I tried all 3 versions of Minecontrol. When it’s on it makes my mouse go all wonky, drifting all over the place. I can’t even control the mouse enough to close the program. At the same time, from within the game the xbox controller does not work as mapped. there is some input from the ABXY keys but not the main functions of Move with L joy and Look around with R joy. Perhaps the program is not meant to be used as I am trying to use it. or perhaps there is a simple solution, but without any help file or technical advice I cannot find it. Best wishes!

  60. when I downloaded it it had no file extension and when I added .jnlp to it and clicked run the java 7 loading page and then nothing happened

  61. It says that its blocked by security settings

  62. good

  63. Could you change it so you can completely remap a controller and also use the full keyboard(eg: Ctrl, Enter, Brackets, Etc), because I use the bumpers as mouse clicks and hate having to switch everything around with Xinput mapper

  64. It Error: could not create the Java Virtual Machine with the download.

  65. Well, after setting up the java security exception, downloading the Xbox 360 controller files and drivers from Microsoft, restarting, updating Java, and trying everything to make this work, Minecontrol simply does not recognize my Xbox360 controller. I plugged it into every USB on my computer, restarted the computer and the program every time, and nothing. It simply does not work for me. Such a shame, my WASD fingers are killing me and I thought this would be right up my alley. I even tried the old version to no avail. Yes, my controller shows up in the control panel, but not in MC. I give up.

  66. Hi all,

    I managed to get it installed but it just goes crazy with the mouse – the slightest movement up or down on the right stick forces it to either look completely up or completely down.

    I tried adjusting the sensitivity but that hasn’t helped, I also tried to calibrate my controller – same there too..

    Any ideas?

  67. Is this only for windows 8?
    If so, could you possibly make a download for windows 7?

  68. For those of you having issues with the left analog stick I found the issue right away. I noticed that the controls (on minecraft itself) were set to the directional buttons on my keyboard. If you cannot move the left stick go into the minecraft settings and be sure that the forward, backward, left, and right movement is set to the WSAD keys respectively. That will fix your movement issues.

  69. No matter which version I try to run, whether it is the web version (JNLP) or the local version, or whether it is 2.0+ or 1.x, I get the message “You need to install Java Runtime”. I already have Java runtime installed. Why won’t it recognize that?

  70. Thanks a lot for all your work. This is great!

  71. im running windows 7 64bit when I try to download it. it gets blocked, it say your sercurity settings have blocked a self-signed app from running. now my dad disabled the avn and it still didn’t work. pls help

  72. Works great on 8.1 Thanks for doing this.

  73. the joysticks work but the buttons don’t I really don’t know what to do anymore… ps3 controller on linux mint

  74. Is the download link broken? Fix please.

  75. Nevermind, just Chrome who handles the file wrong ._.

  76. Hey Josh, thanks for your hard work! It works perfectly with my controller (not an xbox controller) apart from one thing: the right mouse movement…. My right joystick is recognized as A / B / X / Y, please add move up / down left right as options, so I can play with that, Thanks in advance!

  77. I can use every other input, but no mouse movement :/

  78. Minecontrol for Minecraft
    Josh Carrier

    Allows gamepads such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller to be used with Minecraft.

  79. I know its not designed for other contollers, but that simplay look up/ down / left/ rigth option on buttons would make it usable with many other, making it far far better

  80. I have an error popping up it says error could not create the java virtual machine. error a fatal exception has occured. program will exit can someone help?

  81. This is now obsolete, because a Minecraft version was released for XBOX.

  82. obsolete? umm no cuz pc is WAY better then console

  83. I have an error popping up it says error could not create the java virtual machine. error a fatal exception has occured. program will exit can someone help? plz i have asked before but i still need help

  84. Hello. Apparently a newer Java version is now fully blocking MineControl from running. Even lowering the security settings to “medium” (lowest I have) and adding its URL to the list of exceptions, every time I try to run it I get a “Unable to launch the application” dialog, where the details mention this exception:

    java.lang.SecurityException: Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar:
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.doLaunchApp(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)

    Are we all doomed now? 🙂

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  87. Hey. Great job.
    worked under Win8.1 and Java 7, BUT not under Java8 because of missing permissions part. Pls its such a great application, fix that.

    Good job and best wishes

  88. Is it possible to use this on mod packs?

  89. in minecraft the left-trigger sticks and spams the left-trigger, spawning whatever is your target item

  90. i keep getting “unable to launch application” any ideas why?

  91. all of a sudden this will not work I get a Stack trace with failure to launch application. I could send it along. looking for email…

  92. Yes, i love Minecontrol, and heavily rely on it to play minecraft!! I am experiencing the same problems as above, any ideas why?? I am desperate and sad right now !

  93. Minecontrol has been an awesome for playing MC with my controller. I need to donate a few bucks to this guy’s PayPal or something. 🙂 Unfortunately I’m having the same issues others are now having: “unable to launch application”. Any kind of help would be much appreciated! If there is any. :/

  94. worked for a day then crapped out – now all I get when I launch Minecontrol is the java.lang.stackoverflowerror error – how do I fix this?

  95. I think the last Java Update changed something. I’ve got the same stackoverflowerror.

  96. Yeah, we need to get this fixed. Has anyone tried rolling back Java?

  97. Can’t even play minecraft without this 😦 I’m going to try and roll back java, but not too confident about my ability to do that. I’ll reply again if I get it working.

    Hope to see an update soon.

    Thanks so much for this program.

  98. I think something is dead on his end. Downloading and compiling the source works fine.

  99. dude it keeps saying unable to lacnch application java stack overflow error can you fix it

  100. Hey guys, I have found a solution to our problems. Go to this site: and click on “minecontrol1.2.2/”. It will download the latest version of minecontrol. Also make sure to add an exception to your java named “”.

  101. Thanks kieke6000! After updating my previous security exception to the one you suggested and launching from that specific version it worked!

  102. Thanks kieke6000! My 7 year old is so happy!

  103. Crap. It only worked once and it didn’t have all of the configuration available. I guess I’ll learn how to compile it on my own.

  104. Yep, 1.2.2 only works once before it too gets the error. Rolling back Java doesn’t help either. Same goes for uninstalling and reinstalling Java. Folks have posted the issue on the site Josh asked users to post problems on. I love minecontrol and all, but I’m about to go checkout xpadder (<—Google it). 😦

  105. I had it running fine for a weeks then a random error started to happen please help since i loved using it =[

  106. JOE-
    I have been having that same problem since the beginning of July. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  107. Thanks kieke6000. It solved my problem as well! And thank you Josh for a wonderful little program!!

  108. kieke’s link worked for me but a day later, im getting the same error as before 😐

  109. Hello, I have a problem. When starting Minecontrol, I get an error. It says java.lang.StackOverflowError‏. Could you fix this, please?

  110. The past couple of days I have tried using your app and every time I’ve tried opening it I get this error pop up ” application error. unable to launch application” I was wondering if you could help me. Heres whats under the details tab of the error
    at Method)
    at com.sun.deploy.cache.CacheEntry.updateIndexHeaderOnDisk(UnkownSource)

    it goes on and on but I would really like to know whats up with it and I keep my computer updated so that’s not this issue.

    Please help.

  111. I’ve been using Minecontrol for over a year, worked great. I really didn’t know how I was gonna play Minecraft because of this error. I started on the 360 and wanted more to do so I moved onto the pc, Minecontrol made that happen easily but because of this error i decided to pay the $10 and move on to Xpadder, it works well and has a lot more customizations.

  112. After giving things another try last night, I made the switch to xpadder. I try to be loyal to great products and programs, Minecontrol was awesome, but I guess it’s time to move on. Xpadder is $10, but you can pretty much customize the controller, buttons and setup any which way possible. Took about 15-20 minutes to get everything set the way I had it before. Felt good to be up and running again. 🙂 Sorry Minecontrol, we had a good run. 😦

  113. My minecontrol just will not work I just downloaded the new Java update and it says unable to launch, Im thinking of using Xpadder now. 😦

  114. Suddenly stopped working, unable to launch application,

    details are,
    at com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache.getCacheEntry(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache.followsRedirect(Unknown Source)

  115. Is there a way to rebind the read-only bindings? My controller has slightly different settings so the right control stick isn’t registered by the program.

  116. Minecontrol was amazing up until a few days ago now I tried many things to try and resolve the problem and nothing works. So i went to xpadder it’s very customizable and easy to use. Goodbye 😞

  117. i cant install it says application blocked by security settings

  118. This is the older version with Java for the stack overflow error the app worked for Me while using this older version

  119. Hi! Your plugin works great! However, I’d very much appreciate a zero-point slider for both sticks… You see, the xbox controllers are not very good so the sticks don’t stay exactly centred all the time. This causes a slow drift due to the right stick, and involuntary movements caused by the left one.
    Logitech solves this adding a zero point config where you can give a range for each axis where there will be no input. Can you add that please?

    Nice utility! Keep up the good work 😀

  120. Guys i found a fix for the “security error”. Go to your start bar and type “configure java” and go to the security tab. Then go to the “edit site list…” button. Click “Add” and type in “” and click OK. No java rollback needed!

  121. Mouse scrolls all the way down, automatically. Finally got past the permission issue, but now the mouse just scolls all the way down on its own, soon as i start Minecontrol and move the xbox1 controller. Even if i try to move the pointer with the mouse, it will scroll down. Only way to stop is to close mincontrol…luckily i have a touch screen laptop

    Any thoughts? I am using 8.1

  122. i used minecontrol for awhile before the update and it worked well with minecraft, but not anymore. When i open minecontrol it works my xbox controller but as soon as i open minecraft it stops working. Please fix it. Should i just get the xpadder? Mostly asking that second question to anyone who has the same problem as me.

  123. i am using windows 8.1, if that makes a difference.

  124. Well, it is really nice as I don’t have the Xbox 360 console, lolz. But the only problem is that because my controller is old, and the trigger is a little bit broken, so I guess this needs to have deadzone setting… If not then when pressing the left trigger it presses repeatedly xD

  125. I solved the issue of minecraft not running because of the security issue. Just open the run box and type java. Select the security tab and slide the bar down. I purchase 3 different pc’s and have the same problem as everyone by the joystick going crazy after 10 minutes of play. Otherwise 2.0 works great. HELP. operating systems win 7 …win 8.0 …win 8.1 … Same crazy joystick problem. Help me …..

  126. How exactly do you uninstall Minecontrol for Minecraft? Show me each step so I can understand what I’m doing.

  127. Any way you can add manual changes to the button mapping so missing keyboard commands can be added (like L Ctrl and R Ctrl) and profile support so other games could be added? I have been searching for a universal Xbox 360 to keyboard support software for a long time this one might be the best I have been able to try and use successfully.

  128. my controller cant connect to it what do i do??????? 😦

  129. Everything seems to be working, but when i turn left/right or moving and looking around the movement is jerky/stuttering. It works fine with a mouse, and the FPS is still a solid 60 even with this going on. Any ideas?

  130. trigger buttons are locked to your config, making this program completely useless to me.
    Oh well, guess I’ll keep looking…

  131. Java 8 isn’t letting me run the application keeps saying blocked by java security i added to the exceptions list but still says its blocked what to i do?

  132. never use this > it messed up my ENTIRE computer. im going to have to go in and uninstal and change everything for my laptop. thanks dbags

  133. I downloaded this app, but when I start to move, the game won’t stop moving. Any idea what could be causing this?

  134. Hello. This is awesome and works great on my Windows 7 laptop. This makes PC Minecraft feel a lot more like the Xbox 360 version. There needs to be an option to enable and disable Pulse mode as it can make me sprint constantly. Thanks in advance. :¬D

  135. Java 8 isn’t letting me run the application keeps saying blocked by java security i added to the exceptions list but still says its blocked what to i do?

    Everyone go to your exceptions list and add this
    and then click add and it will pop up saying are you sure click continue and there it will run

    And Andrea Lynn it wont screw up your computer but you might have downloaded it from another source

  136. Josh, could you tell me if there is a way to get this to save and work in offline mode? I work from my vehicle, and take my laptop with me. Not every site I have has a wireless internet connection.

  137. I’m having troubles with the left trigger button acting like I’m holding it down. I’ll be laying blocks or fence or whatever and all of a sudden it starts spraying out blocks or whatever I’m placing like it’s a machine gun. It stops when I hit the left trigger button again, but I can’t figure out how to make it keep from happening. Can you please tell me what may be causing this? Any suggestions for a fix would be helpful.

  138. my macbook pro doesn’t detect the controller whats going on

  139. I downloaded it and when i launched it, it would not open.

  140. Dude THANK YOU!!!

  141. Great program except that when I use the left trigger sometimes it just spams out blocks and I have to push the left trigger until it stops which is really annoying. Please fix this 🙂

  142. While I love the idea of getting to play MC on my laptop, with my 360 controller, I am unable to use it… Everything else seems to work, except the walk function. Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed something? (both options are quite possible.) If so, is there someone who know what “something” I’ve missed/am doing wrong?

  143. I cant get it to work, every time I click the link and approve for it to run it says unable to launch application. well when I got one of the downloads to work there was no desktop icon nor was the d pad working.

  144. […] 2.0 –…Minecontrol 2.0 Direct link- […]

  145. Would it harm your computer?

  146. everytime I click the download it wants me to download a file called download? has the original file been taken down or something?

  147. Is there a way I could possibly configure the analog sticks? My right analog is the Move one and the left analog is the Look/Aim. I can’t play like this. 😦

  148. Having trouble with left trigger (right mouse button), after playing a little while it keeps placing blocks. It’s not the controller or computer. With other software has no problem just slow jerks, response delay. Is there a setting I should try to resolve the problem? For now it goes back to working ok after shut down game and re start minecraft, sometimes reboot computers.

  149. Hey there,

    I used minecontrol before and now I wanted to use it on my new PC, so I downlaoded it, added it as an exception to java and so on…. it now only works as long as I’m in the minecontrol window, earlier it also worked in other games like mmos and so on, any way to fix this?

  150. i did everything but it still didnt work. please help me!!!!



  153. jese Gabriela it broke witgh java 8 it use to work amazingly

  154. So can I assume this software will not work unless we can get a download of Java 7? And that’s what causing all the problems running the software?
    Adding firewall exceptions, Java security exceptions so and so forth but nothing seems to work – Don’t suppose you’ve produced an update for Java 8 yet?

  155. We also check further functions like the zoom, Face Monitoring, and the microphone, (whether its external or integrated).

  156. Triggers get stuck, and oh, those people with problems with security, Go config java and put the security level on very high..

  157. it says that Java blocks this program -_-

  158. Just a suggestion. The read-only mappings need to be configurable. I know this is weird but NOT everybody uses WSAD for forward, back, left, and right. As such, the Read-Only Mappings don’t work for me and thus I can’t use the xbox 360 controller without reverting back to default keybinding settings; which I cannot bring myself to do. I like the app otherwise.


  160. my rt doesnt do anything and when i press lt it acts like im holding down left mouse button and right but the right mouse button doesnt hold im using xbox one controller

  161. I like the app, but it’s really limited with the key selection for the configuration page. I like to use my NumPad to play Minecraft with, using the “+” key to dig blocks and the “\” key (above Enter) to place blocks. The Enter key itself isn’t even an option. :/ I’ll begrudgingly change my key config for Minecraft to get this darn app to work, but please consider adding the remainder of the keys as options for the config menu.

  162. i like this but how to download ???

  163. Why my left trigger keep digging like crazy, it’s impossible to stop it.

  164. can someone tell me how to uninstall, i dont understand the instructions and my minecraft isnt really working on minecraft

  165. RT button does not click on the play button for Minecraft….and then same thing for the next screens. Cursor does move but can’t click anything and then completely obsolete when the game comes on.

  166. same problem as Simon, right trigger wont stop digging and destroying my beautiful sky castle D:

  167. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  168. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

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  173. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  174. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  175. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  176. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

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  181. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  182. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  183. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  184. […] Console gamers may prefer to use an Xbox 360 controller, and there are several ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and Keysticks. […]

  185. Would it really have been that hard to simply put “.JNLP” at the end of the download file so one could simply click on the file like your instructions say..? Little things that set apart professionals.

    Also get your security license fixed so we don’t have to screw around with our settings. Had to make an exception for your website.

    Little things sir but otherwise perfect.

  186. As the previous comments have stated, this is now broken. Character will not stop punching things. But I appreciate the fact that it apparently worked until I tried to use it 🙂

  187. it says my computer’s security is blocking it but there is no setting saying anything like that

  188. Why do the “/* … */” IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MULTIPLE LINES.
    //Don’t be so foolish!!!

  189. (For Minecraft) Ok, anyone PLEASE say how to make this work. Almost every time I click left trigger, it “sticks” and I have to click left trigger a few more times to get it to stop. What I mean by this is that I can’t stop placing down blocks. I’ve noticed LOTS of people have had this problem and NOBODY responds. Someone please say how to fix this, it ruins the whole program.

  190. I had this problem too, so I started just using the keyboard, and hey.. I wonder why I ever needed a controller in the first place, they suck !

  191. Can somebody tell me how to add more profiles? I want to play other games with no controller support but it’s annoying to have to change the controls manually every time between games. Otherwise, great program, works flawlessly.

  192. das Programm ist der Hammer… nur ist das Problem mit dem trigger der stecken zu bleiben scheint nicht behoben…
    sobald ich schlage,schlägt er dauerhaft und hört erst aus wenn ich Pausiere.
    Tiere schlagen ist mir nicht möglich und wenn ich Blöcke Platziere, baller er alles raus was ich habe… BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS ich pausiere…. sehr sehr schade den das macht so keinen Spaß…
    mach ich etwas falsch? Einstellungen ist Eigendlich alles ok


  193. […] Minecontrol:Minecontrol 2.0 released! […]

  194. Java is now blocking this app, no way around, says it must be HIGH or VERY HIGH security. I cannot find a way around this.

  195. Thanks, this is working well for me…just one question. It takes about a minute for the Minecontrol window to open after launching from the desktop icon. Is that normal? Any way to speed it up? Can it be run locally rather than downloading stuff every time?

  196. […] ways of remapping the keyboard and mouse keys to use a controller with a laptop. Examples include Minecontrol and […]

  197. I tried to run what I had just downloaded and it wouldn’t let me use it. It said something about my security not allowing it. So I clicked on “more information” but nothing on the website worked. The final thing I found was to tell the publisher about my problem. Please can someone help!?

  198. does not work anymore java blocks it and you cannot disable the security either. it blocked it because it was self signing

  199. You need to open the configure java program in your start menu. Go to the security tab. Click edit site list and add
    Run the downloaded java file again, and it should allow you to accept the security conditions.

  200. I tried my xbox one controller and it doesnt work, it is fine with roblox and my actual xbox but not with minecraft. It works in the desktop, but (you guessed it) not minecraft. you need to fix this, if you could respond that would be great, thanks.

  201. Thanks for making a free solution to this problem. Much appreciated!!

  202. This is malwareous!!! When i use for a while i won’t be able to use any other stuff on my windows 10 than minecraft. TOO MALWAREOUS! Reported on
    Make sure you report it! If you disagree and will still on using it, because *changing to nooby talking* ugh i have windows 7/8/8.1 and this guy is having windows 10 then this will work… *changing to normal* Maybe but not guaranteed! Just play for a while and then try to use other stuff… if it still works then try it on windows 10 – maybe somehow figure it… But i still say it’s malwareous! DONT USE IT!!!

  203. It’s not woking when I clciked out of the program’s windows

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