Posted by: Josh | October 24, 2010

Minecontrol: Play Minecraft with an Xbox 360 (USB) controller

xbox360Update: Minecontrol 1.1.0!


Enjoy Minecraft like it was made for the Microsoft Xbox 360 on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine with this Java app called Minecontrol. It takes gamepad input (using JInput) and converts it into mouse and keyboard commands.

What you’ll need

  • A copy of Minecraft
  • A wired or wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (this or this), which can connect to your computer
  • A recent version of Java
  • Minecontrol (Java web start app, alternate installation below)

One, two, three

  1. Connect the controller to the computer
  2. Launch Minecontrol (Java web start app), accepting the certificate.
  3. Launch Minecraft and choose the world, with your mouse inside the game.

imageAssuming all went well, you should now be able to use the controller to perform almost any Minecraft action. Although not yet configurable, here’s the list of things you can do:

Left joystick – move/strafe
Right joystick – look around/move cursor
Left trigger – “right click”
Right trigger – “left click”
Left joystick button – walk
Right joystick button/A – jump
B – open inventory
X – discard item
Left shoulder – “scroll up”
Right shoulder – “scroll down”
Y – change perspective
Start – pause
Select – toggle right joystick sensitivity

A shortcut will be placed on your desktop and this app will auto update if necessary. You can also use this to control your mouse outside the game.

Alternate installation instructions (no auto-update)

Download the Minecontrol jar.
Download JInput and extract files to the same directory as the jar.
Run the jar.

Happy mining!



  1. I’ve just tried running minecontrol on my snowleopard mac to no avail. and the seperates don’t seem to work either. i just get some unknown error.

  2. I think Mac OSX doesn’t come with the drivers needed to detect the controller. I searched this one up. Not sure if it’s going to be compatible with Java, but worth a try?

  3. Only the right joystick works for me.

  4. or you could use a mouse.

  5. When i run the jar. It says cant find main class? Help D:

  6. I look forward to this, I thought this would be really fun to try.

  7. Getting a Java error saying “JAR resources not signed by same certificate”

  8. Ok just had to update Java. Of course, now minecontrol can’t find my controller. Bad night to try this i guess

  9. Works a treat on Win 7 64 bit. Thank you.

  10. “Controller not found. Connect the joystick and restart Minecontrol.”

    6 times, and still wont find my controller… Fully updated drivers, Java, etc. Windows 7 64 bit.

  11. I’d love to try this out but… I only get “Controller not found. Connect the joystick and restart Minecontrol.”

    I made sure my version of Java was up to date, it now is, still no luck. Controller works great in other games.

    I have Vista 64 bit, any ideas?

  12. I have the same issue as Bobby, Zach, and James: “Controller not found. Connect the joystick and restart Minecontrol”. It’s plugged, works great in other games.

  13. Hmm, I’ll at least fix up that message so it’ll list out what devices Java does see – maybe the app is being a bit too picky about which device it uses.

    Also, transparent update for you Mac/Linux users: you should be able to launch the web start app now; I forgot to upload native support bits for those OSes.

    EDIT: update is up; launch your app and let me know what devices Java sees instead.

  14. it still doesn’t work…

    “Controller not found. Connect the joystick and restart Minecontrol” x10

  15. The latest version is supposed to add a list of input devices Java found while looking for your Xbox controller; I’m guessing you didn’t even get the list? What OS/32-or-64 bit?

  16. Minecontrol wont even open for me how do i go about this? i have windows 7 and the most recent version of java and when i double click it nothing happens.

  17. Running on Snow Leopard.
    Tells me to connect the controller, and gives a list of ones that it finds:
    3 Keyboards
    Controller (Gamepad)

    Obviously the game pad is the one I’m looking for… hut its not allowing me to select it, and not really responding that its a 360 controller. Help?

  18. Thanks Andrew. I’ve just patched it so if Java picks up a device called “Controller (Gamepad)”, it’ll use the same mappings on that. Relaunch your app (or just use the Web Start link in the post) to get the fix.

    @Kieron your browser (I’m looking at you, Chrome) might just download the Web Start .jnlp file and not do anything with it. If Java’s properly installed, you should be able to double-click the jnlp within Windows (or maybe boot up IE?). If you downloaded the .jar file directly, you’ll need to grab the rest of the JInput files also (see post).

  19. Of course, it’s not quite as good as playing it *on* an Xbox…

  20. I am having a similar problem as Andrew. My controller is named “Controller 1 (Wireless)”, though.

  21. Hey i use a wireless controller and i cant get it to work. plz helps

  22. It was working fine for me, but then my computer got another virus from java acting weird, so I un-installed and re-installed Java, and now it will not work. :[

  23. I cant get the ps3 controller to work are you not supposed to use it.

  24. This is a great app for people like me who aren’t huge PC gamers. Naturally you sacrifice precision when you use this over a K/M combo, but the console style familiarity more than makes up for it.

    Occasionally I find the buttons stick, so you’ll be swinging your pickaxe far too often, or hopping on the spot, but pressing the button again fixes it. So yeah, not perfect, but definately useable and comfortable. I approve!

  25. I’m using a Madcatz Wired Xbox 360 Controller and it detects it but I cannot use it…

  26. Why don’t you all just use xpadder, it’s better than this and has much more detail and stuff.

  27. Would it be possible to get the source for this?

  28. Here’s what I’m getting. It’s saying it can’t find any controllers, yet “Controller (Gamepad)” is connected.

  29. “Controller Not Found.

    Detected Input devices:

    Wireless 360 Controller (Gamepad)”

    What the heck?!?

  30. I shall be one of what I hope to be many people to say this, but:

    This needs both custom mapping and controller selection. Badly!

  31. Works great when I boot my Mac in to windows but says cant find controller and wont work in OSX. Running snow leopard.

  32. Can’t get this to work either (on mac OS X with wired xbox 360 controller). I installed the os x driver from Now when I start minecontrol it lists “Controller (Gamepad)” in the list, but still says controller not found.

    If you (the author) don’t have a mac but are willing to share your code, I can try to figure out what’s going on…

  33. I don’t know how to start the minecontrol program. Any help?

  34. Won’t work on Linux. Junk.

  35. I’d love to see some ps3 controller support, no more wires! They already work, you just need to map the keys differently (all i can do now is move around, dig, jump and crouch)

  36. this works and its amazing thanks bro

  37. Oh yeaaa Minecraft with my X360 >Controller Yeaa !!


  38. …yeah…I can’t craft, the items won’t drag into slots. They just auto fill the hot key bar and not the crafting square.

  39. You might have the walk button (shift) toggled

  40. Thanks. Better Linux & Mac support is something I’d like to pursue.

  41. This whole project is open source and is linked in one of the original posts. Thanks for your interest!

  42. This was a thing I did for v1.1 – hope it worked out for you

  43. For v1.1 I added velocity to the joystick axes, so you can be somewhere between standing still and moving/looking at full speed, without using the crouch button. And the buttons should stick less.

  44. You can now (says Enkera in the comments), though I’ve never personally tested against one. Hope it works out

  45. Tried this on linux, cannot find any usb controllers. Using Ubuntu 11.04

  46. My right analog stick keeps moving the mouse cursor about on my imac, how do I stop it moving the cursor?

  47. hey this is working great, although I have noticed that the B button is binded to ‘I’, and inventory is now e. Is it possible to fix this?

  48. How do I save my settings if I remap the buttons from default?
    Everything I start minecontrol it reverts to default.

  49. @Harley – Go into the options on Minecraft and change it back to I in the control section fixes it.

  50. Not sure how much I can say ‘I Love You’ very very good applet you have there. SSSSssssss would be a shame if anything were to happen to it 😉

  51. followed the alternate instructions, but it’s not detecting any input devices. running kubuntu 11.04 with a usb controller

  52. Nice work! Works perfectly – my son is very happy 🙂

    Thanks for making this available.

  53. Hmmm, this seems like an awesome idea, but I can’t find the Xbox 360 Controller in the “” area. Any solutions?

  54. after I installed this app. I can only use the right mouse on items that allow right mouse clicking on itself this is not a problem but now i cant use the lift mod in my online server so that’s not fun. I reinstalled minecraft several times and even ran a cc cleaner but still not fixed. PLEASE HELP

  55. Good job idiot, now I have your stupid piece of **** stuck to my desktop and it didnt even work properly when I tried it. **** you

    * thank you for your feedback, but I had to censor your post. -josh *

  56. Hi Josh,

    I’m on a Macbook Pro and only some buttons work seem to work. The right analog only works for like 10seconds then it just doesn’t respond anymore.
    Also, the ‘A’ (left clic) did work for like 5min.

    Is there something to prevent this from happening?


  57. On a Mac I have the same problem where you can only turn a short amount in any direction. I took a look at the code and I think this happens because the mouse pointer is being held at the sides of the window, limiting how far you can turn. Not sure why this works on Windows but not the Mac, must be some difference in the java.awt.robot classes on each.

  58. there is no option to go assign a “open inventory” button

  59. this works perfect for me i just dont like it as much as i thought lol, i used an afterglow xbox 360 controller and i just dont like the way it feels idk why, im better off with keyboard and mouse 🙂

  60. it doesn’t fucking work but why?

  61. what do i look under to find minecraft on xbox

  62. Doesn’t recognize any controller under Win 7 64 with Java 7 64. WTF

  63. Hey Josh,
    Program works fine and all except the slight stick in the “a” button on the left anologe stick, but any who you should add the “T” button for talk and you shold add Dpad capibilitys. just thinking it might be cool

  64. Hey Josh minecontrol doesnt seem to detect my triggers but other programs do and suggestions of how to fix?

  65. You need the Microsoft plugin that let’s you use your controller. You can’t just plug and play

  66. In Linux use alternate instructions and run with:

    java -Djava.library.path=. -jar Minecontrol.jar

    or else it doesn’t find JInput

  67. Hmm, does it not work with a charge and play controller?

  68. Jinput cannot be downloaded anymore, and the Minecontrol jar file won’t open at all.

  69. hey this is awesome but theres one problem- there is no way to ‘go down’ while flying in creative mode. I may note that sprinting works though.

  70. With my logitech dual action controler i have everything set up but i cant the the mouse to move
    i have to use the actual mouse

  71. the right analog stick only works when i press it to the right and it only destroys D: i cant even place items

  72. now that i installed it on diff laptop it does not even work

  73. Why won’t the left thumbstick work, I can do everything but move around? My controller works fine, I use it on the xbox all the time, but for some reason the left stick does nothing but crouch when I click it in.

  74. Does this work with the Plug n’ Play Kit?

  75. Guys.. just use joytokey its the best alternative atm. This app is obviously not receiving any support by the author. If the author wishes to open source his application, I would fix it in a heartbeat.

  76. OK NVM i’m an idiot

  77. mine only works when I am on the minecontrol window… o.o

  78. Will this work with an xbox 360’s play & charge kit?

  79. Um, I have a new xbox controler, “Xbox 360 afterglow” that I bought at gamestop and the app wont pick it up but my comp will. Please explain to me why this is.

  80. and to anser ur question human no it needs a wireless reciver or a wired controler. ur comp dosen’t pick up the controler as a controler. just charges it with the play kit.

  81. Thank you Josh. Your program worked very well for me, using a USB Xbox controller. One thing, the program designates “I” for inventory, while the game opens inventory with “E”. This was easily accounted for by opening my in game options and setting inventory to “I”. I can’t wait to play more, I just got the game today! Thanks again, you rock!

  82. This application doesnt work for me. Web start only shows up my mouse and keyboard, and downloading the standalone (jinput_dist_20090331) detects no devices. I have a wired xbox controller with the latest windows drivers installed to pick it up. I have latest java (java 7 i believe it is now) 64bit win7.

  83. I apologise, downloading jinput i am so used to list ordering themselves as newest first i failed to notice the OLDEST is at the top, downloading jinput_nightly_20120131 works fine for me 🙂 Thank you for this good piece of work 🙂

  84. Sorry to make a third post, i am wondering if it is possible to add in extra key links. I mean having a limited choice on which buttons do what is a bit restricting, for example i have a mod that has a craft guide, for which the key is G. The controllers d-pad isnt used and i could simply set one of those to G. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks

  85. Where is the directory for the jar file?

  86. Who thought it would be funny to have no inventory button? this is stupid, if i wanted to use the keyboard to pull up my inventory, i wouldnt have plugged in my controller in, in the first place. now i know i can change my button mapping, but for some reason, ‘E’ isnt an option to change one of my buttons to. Let me know if there is something i am doing wrong.

  87. @Ricky, @Josh, @Nicole: re: d-pad and extra keys — just wait, you may be pleasantly suprised .
    @Caleb: not sure what the question is, did Java Web Start kick in for you to automatically download the app?

  88. Could you please make it so that you can select what key to any button? That kind of thing is very essential if you want a custom set up or if you are using mods like Smart Moving, Rei’s Minimap, Equivalent Exchange, or anything that adds controls.

  89. an i use wired contrller?

  90. can i use wired controller

  91. Its very glitchey for me and it pissess the tuck out of me

  92. woah, it makes the mouse stuck on left side of screen for my whole computer, i have to jam my controllers stick over and try to close the program, im using windows xp 32 bit

  93. Don’t bother with this. It doesn’t work as advertised, hell running it prevents my hardware keyboard from working and it doesn’t detect my controller. Xpadder is far far better

  94. I’m running this program on my mac – snow leopard. However, I’m not seeing the trigger customization options in my button mapping; only the shoulder buttons. I’ve updated the software but it still doesn’t seem to be working. Am I missing something?

  95. Works fine except for when i ,move i tend to slide all over the place not sure why. Also seems to dubble my ingame speed when i run far enough on flat ground.

  96. is it good for minecraft

  97. it did not work at all for my xbox 360 im 8 and im bored

  98. Just a suggestion that u should enable the d-pad so people can use that to play as well

  99. @shauna this is not for X360s this is for controllers hooked to computers
    @nathan it works for any version of MC
    @david that would be the joystick velocity

  100. @6677 Xpadder is not free or open source, this is both, and an excursion in to x360 controllers for a computer

  101. Old versions of xpadder were available for free, I still have a copy.

    This software slows my machine down and seems to lock input from my hardware keyboard until I reboot, tested on 4 machines. I call that malware…

  102. […] Minecontrol for Minecraft […]

  103. Needs to have porportional/exponential control levels for the mouse, so that you don’t have to tap it rapidly to move it around when messing around inside chests, but can be used quickly when in combat, without having to pause the game to change the sensitivity, which is not always an option on servers.

  104. This doesn’t work properly on Mac OSX. The right joystick moves the mouse for me, but that doesn’t translate to the game, and the left and right mouse buttons are both mapped onto the left trigger button with not pressed being left and pressed being right. that’s probably due to the driver using a different way of handling the trigger buttons on Mac. You should make a way to disable the trigger buttons and make the four d pad buttons usable.

  105. How do i uninstall this crap

  106. I personally Feel blog, “Minecontrol: Play Minecraft with an Xbox 360
    (USB) controller Josh Carriers Blag” was correctly
    written! I reallycan’t see eye to eye together with u even more! Finally looks like Iuncovered a web-site really worth browsing. Thank you, Pauline

  107. That’ really a very nice tool! Thousand thanks for it!
    However it would be nice to customize what button does what.

    Would be cool if you implemented that (:

  108. Your link to the Jinput page is dead. I managed to find nightly builds on my own, but I’m not 100% sure if it’ll work. Is this application meant for a specific version of Jinput? What version of Minecraft does this work for? Those two questions are missing from your post.

  109. I found out how to run Minecontrol for Minecraft without wifi was not able to run minecontrol while my wifi was down so I started looking and I found out a way so if anyone is interested just email me and ill show you how.

  110. It works fine, I could use it with more than just Minecraft, for example I could play other games that uses similar controls, and use it as a mouse for my computer… This is the best ever!

  111. Make a version of MineControl for other games and other
    addable renameable control profiles.

    Even though Minecontrol works for all games anyways. I tested.
    I would like to see other games and profiles for those games to be there
    so I don’t need to keep swithching my button mappings.

    Oh and fix the problem where the cursor moves on its own!!!!

  112. the left and right clicks are reversed when playing on the controller. in the settings there is no way to adjust the left and right trigger settings, however, i’d like to be able to. please include that ability in the next update. (im using a ps3 controller in conjunction with DS3 tool

  113. I can’t access JIinput it says the DNS lookup failed

  114. How do I make the left joystick on the xbox control to walk?

  115. Reblogged this on jamestarran and commented:
    This thing’s amazing for when I play MC!

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  119. A shortcut is not placed on my desktop but otherwise I love it!

  120. Greatly appreciated! I started playing on the 360 and this just makes the whole experience much better. 🙂

  121. So, It works. But only when the program window is open AND on top of everything else. But as soon as I switch to minecraft it stops working. Is there anyway to fix this? It’s really annoying being so close to having it working and have it not. Any help would be great. I have Windows 8 64 bit

  122. So, this works, and thank you for the effort you have put into this! To those who are wondering why anyone would ever want something like this — some folks have RSI from KB/mouse use, and using an Xbox controller works better for them ergonomically (and I am among them).

    However, I’m trying to figure out how to stop sprinting randomly. It wouldn’t be so bad if the FOV didn’t change when sprinting in minecraft. As I strafe around left & right, my strafing movements are being interpreted as a forward double-tap, which causes my character to go in-and-out of a sprint, changing my FOV repeatedly in a disorienting way. Anyone else experience this?

  123. When i download it says OviAik.jnlp.part…

  124. Downloading this for my nephew, works right away on my pc, get a security warning prompt, I accept and mincontrol opens instantly. On his laptop however, i get a box stating Downloading application, with Name, Publisher and From information, it sometimes says verifying application, but never goes further and i never get a security prompt. have reinstalled java, both 32 and 64, originally only 32 was installed. Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

  125. Update: After leaving it for a number of hours, it eventually returns a “Unable to load application” error msg, no other details are provided. Is there a log anywhere I can look at to see if I can narrow this down ?

  126. the program works great but when im done it messes whith my system. if i try to open crome it opens like four pages. on my desktop if i click on the start it grabs every thing. i uninstalled the program and my system worked fine but when i reinstalled it would mess up. i really what this program

  127. link to jinput not working

  128. Is there a way to use the charger USB cable instead of a completely wired one? :c

  129. Amazing program thank you for your time and work! This has worked great for me on multiple computers. I have a request for future updates or additional info. I love being able to quick swap items on Xbox. Can that be done on the PC with an Xbox controller?

  130. Yes, totally works. Makes things a bit easier for me 🙂

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  133. Dear josh im useing a windows 8 64 bit but i have the controller plugged in but whenever i run your program it dosent show my controller whats the problem

  134. Yeah, I’m having the same issue. It won’t recognize my controller when it is clearly plugged in. Please help ASAP.

  135. Are you using an actual wired controller or the play and charge kit for a wireless controller, the play and charge kit is POWER ONLY, NO DATA.

    If you are using a real wired one check in device manager that your controller has been recognised by windows and then uninstall minecontrol anyway because it is highly malicious. I’ve tried it on 4 PC’s now and on each one it completely steals all keyboard control, creates ghost input for keyboard and mouse, prevents me from using my actual keyboard and mouse and somewhat bizarrely opens a network connection. Malware.

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  138. it says java exception has occurred.

  139. How do I get Mincontrol to work with an NVIDIA Shield?

  140. this does not work with wired controllers

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  143. The NVIDIA Shield is wireless and uses an XBox controller profile. Mincontrol doesn’t see it as a controller.

  144. where do i download??

  145. Everything seems to work except left joystick…not able to move

  146. I’m just going to connect it to my tv

  147. @Jeremy I plugged in my 360 wired controller and just tried it straight out of the box, worked fine for me. £25 well spent. 😀

  148. Please help me. I have downloaded the program then tried to run it, after loading java. it said This Application Has Been Blocked, I tried turning of my firewall and lowering internet security but still no use is there something else I need to do thanks

    ~ Kieran

  149. Everything installed fine, the only issue I have with it is that I get no response from the left joystick at all. I have a wired controller. Any ideas why this might be and if there is a possible fix?

  150. can you make it so that the joysticks will work when you access the inventery. I know it sounds impostible I do coding and change the “cords” around as well, but if you do this we will no longer need out mouse.

  151. Works perfect on win64, thnx.

  152. Awesome

  153. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different
    subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design.
    Outstanding choice of colors!

  154. It only works when I am at minecontrol window…

  155. Runs fine for a while on my Vista Home Premium but soon goes crazy placing blocks (or whatever I have in my hand) at random and non-stop uncontrolably. I also notice that the mouse begins to work sporadically and the “minimize” button on the window becomes inoperative. At this point I have to shut it all down to work again…..for a short while. Running 1.7.2, is this from minecontrol, Vista or is 1.7.2 bugged?

  156. Great app man! It work flawless!

  157. Update: Had to remove Minecontrol because it was too glitchy on my machine. I was running Vista Home premium on a laptop. I ended up deleting it and going with a competitor. Maybe it was the 1.7.2 update or it is glitchy on Vista…..either way I am back on MC with a controller allbeit with something else.

  158. Hey Josh, thanks for making this program. It really works well and is very convenient. I’m having one little problem with the left yoke on the xbox 360 controller. The amount of pressure you apply (up/down) determines how fast you move (forward/reverse). That being said, when I apply a little pressure up (to walk forward slowly), it’s really “jumpy” and anything but smooth. This does not occur when I do the same thing in reverse i.e. press down gently (to walk backwards slowly). Is there some way to fix this? Java takes complete control over the controller so there’s no way to adjust (smooth out) the yoke sensitivity through any other means. Am I alone in this or is this an issue that’s being worked out? I’m on Windows 7 (64-bit) with 64-bit Java installed and a PC Xbox 360 controller (driver is up to date). Help, help, help!!! : )

  159. I guess what I’m saying is that the “w pulses are off a little bit” (wasd pulses).

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  162. How might one go about creating another profile for the program? I only get one option, being default, and would like to make one separate for my pc operations. The controls get kind of annoying when trying to navigate with the minecraft settings.

  163. Im running mac Lion and ive tried many other programs to use my xbox 360 wireless controller, however I have found none of them to be functional. Ive paid 25$ for controller mate and cannot find a way to make the mouse buttons work. I was about to just completely give up and then I found you’re software. Everything seems to work fine, except I cannot look left, right, up, or down. Is there a way I am supposed to set up mine craft buttons to work or am I doing something wrong? the cursor moves left, right, up, and down fine outside the game but when in game does not work.

  164. Excellent blog here! Also your site loads up very fast! What web host are you using?
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  165. My daughter has been using a Microsoft controller/minecraft program. I have intermittent issue with keyboard mouse controller where the keyboard acts like shift key is pressed when trying to type numbers. So instead of a 2 you get an @. This also affects left click in that when clicking a link in browser it opens a new instance of the browser instead of a new tab. On controller it affects the left front button which causes issues with crafting and attacking. This is intermittent and I have tried various things shutting down minecraft minecontrol java. Unplugging and plugging keyboard and controller. Then no seemingly no reason it will be back to normal. Happens on intel based laptop and and desktop. I have both java 32 and 64 but 32 seems to be only one running. Any thoughts?

  166. too many issues with it once minecraft is exited> for example>>> if we dont like it we should have the option of uninstalling it instead of having to deal with this bull shi* all da*n day!!!!!!!!!!!!! help by adding a more in depth uninstall section in your stuff man>>>>>>>>>>>> this shi* is getting annoying!!!!!!!

  167. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

  168. Hey there i appreciate the work but the keymap is all wrong for my rumblepad 2, e.g. the right trigger opens the menu.
    It seems that it’s mapped diferently from the 360 controller so an option to remap ALL controlls would be great

  169. Works perfectly on first attempt with Windows 7 and a wired Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller. Thanks so much!

  170. Why would there be some buttons that are unmappable? I use an original xbox controller (XBCD) which works fine as long as I can remap all the keys but I noticed some arent remappable. Is there an ini file I can config?

  171. does it work for tekkit!!!

  172. I tried this and changed the walking controls to the D-Pad and it wont let me move. Can someone please help?

  173. And i cant open my inventory with X

  174. when I click minecontrol and try to download, it says security settings blocked this app from self installing or something even when I turn my security off please help

  175. Josh, Please help!! Java did an update and know when I try and open minecontrol it states “Application Blocked by Security Settings your settings have blocked a self-signed application from running with an out-of-date or expired version of Java”. Please help Josh if you can!!

  176. im getting an “application blocked by security settings” message when i try too run the app now…

  177. you have to change your java settings to allow for the connection to work.. pain in the ass really but go into your control panel and its in the java settings

  178. just a heads up the new java 7 is blocking it unless you turn down security level

  179. Go to your windows start button–>All Programs–>Java–>Configure Java
    Then go to security tab and add this “” to the exception site list by clicking “edit site list”. I feel better about doing it this way as your are still using java recommended security levels.

  180. keep getting security settings error

  181. I installed this but my right analog stick moves by itself. Help?

  182. Hi guys, I go to step 2. Launch Minecontrol (Java web start app), starts down loading, JAVA 7 kicks in and then I get this “UNABLE TO LAUNCH APPLICATION!” Any ideas or help please.

    Cheers Sean

  183. […] the laptop’s taken up a mostly permanent position next to game consoles. And tonight, I setup Minecontrol and have been playing a new Minecraft modpack (TechWorld2), in the living room, on the couch, with […]

  184. This is pretty fascinating. The controls are just the tiniest bit jerky with the pulsing on moving forward (it has a tendency to try and make me run), but other than having to be extra-careful around lava, it works great.

    Good job on a totally awesome idea!

  185. When I run the minecontrols it says this message, “Application Blocked by Security Settings.” I need help with this.

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  188. Works beautifully and saved me so much time and effort in getting Joy2Key configured. I can’t thank you enough. To those that immediately resort to “doesn’t work, junk software, or F you buddy!”, the problem is likely sitting in front of the computer, typing on the keyboard. Maybe try.. I dunno.. READING. Maybe spend a little bit of time educating yourself about how software is developed, and how difficult it is to play nice with every piece of hardware, driver, and operating system out there. Maybe try reading about how to add exceptions to Java’s security policy. Maybe try using your brain, and/or Google, prior to revealing your ignorance by cussing out some dude who is only guilty of trying to help and giving you something for nothing. The only cost is his time and labor. One dude is coding an app and is trying to deal with something that every major development company still struggles with, maximizing compatibility.

    To the dev, Josh: Again, I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the great work.

    MC 1.7.5, Win7Pro64, and Java 7

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  190. awesome now can we get a southpaw option because my joysticks are backwards to me. I can’t use it without southpaw 😦

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  192. it say that the security settings block it and I don’t know how to fix it help

  193. security setting also block it for me, and my friend.
    i cannot play minecraft without this and its really annoying

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  195. the download is unable to load. as in I install it and open it with java and it says unable to load

  196. i’ve downloaded it, but it just seems to sit on the downloading application screen forever and doesn’t change.

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  198. Is there a way to swap the triggers and lb and rb?

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  203. So I downloaded this a week ago and it ran perfectly. My boyfriend is an idiot and deleted it from the computer. Now no matter how many times I try to run Minecontrol it won’t work. Any suggestions?

  204. I just downloaded this and when i join minecraft, i cant turn to the left or the right when using my xbox wireless controller using wireless receiver for windows. how would i, if possible fix this issue?

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  207. Sorry that was for just Installing the minecontrol you need to go here for the ****Application Blocked Security**** GO TO THIS YOUTUBE SITE! SORRY LOL

  208. should have read this first lots of complaints not any answers or fixes. hmmm. i think ill try padder thingy cos theres no option for xbox 360 anyway just ps 2

  209. can someone please tell me how to uninstall it. it doesnt show up as a programme in the normal list of windows uninstall. using windows seven. also whatever i downloaded looks nothing like the above pics of the programme. dont know what i have downloaded but it looks nothing like advertised.

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  211. I downloaded the file but I don’t know how to open it

  212. It worked four three days then crashed and constantly says java.lang.StackOverflowError

  213. i keep getting the java.lang.stackoverflowerror and now the application wont launch.. used to work great yesterday.

  214. Same here working fine like 3 days ago now it doesn’t load up. Please help

  215. Guys, any idea what’s going on with the java.lang.StackOverflowError

  216. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some
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  217. help please i managed to install minecontrol yesterday and it worked apart from left trigger so i decided to uninstall and try again now its keeps saying bad class name

  218. application blocked by security settings you security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running. how do I fix it so it wll run?

  219. i can’t get it to work even know i did what it said

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  222. Minecontrol wont launch.

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  224. […] taken up a mostly permanent position next to the game consoles. And tonight, I set up Minecontrol and have been playing a new Minecraft modpack (TechWorld2), in the living room, on the couch, with […]

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  231. How do I get my controller to connect to my pc instead of my xbox. I am trying to use it but the controller keeps turning on my xbox and is not working for the pc.

  232. my right stick doesn’t seem to move my camera around… any help?
    i have a mac

  233. i cant even get minecontrol to download. i tried booting up in internet explorer because chrome is crapping out, and it says its downloaded and i click open, and i get a pop up that says “installer Name param is missing” please help?

  234. i can get it working except for the left joystick – doesn’t seem to do anything – so I can’t move – any help ?

  235. iv downloaded it and some of my buttons dont work for it. help please

  236. Works but… Movement stick is rather annoying. When moving a tiny bit. Doesnt start moving till i move it further and then it just flys off so its impossible to craft or look around properly. PLEASE fix!!

    Moving the looking thumbstick is very 2-bit like and either goes very fast or not at all. Please fix the thumbstick deadzone! or make it adjustable! Using anti-micro till this gets fixed.

  237. (xubuntu 14.04 LTS, java 7/8,icedtea, xbox controller via official wireless receiver) axis working but none of the buttons respond. only left trigger when toggled on and that goes mental. just keeps digging unless i hold the trigger down. have tried the various javas mentioned, all act the same. any ideas?

  238. I have a problem that it lays bricks all the time and I have to go into my inventory and go back to make it stop. It happens every 2 minutes or so. It’s infuriating. What can I do to fix it.

  239. it says application blocked can anyone please help!

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  244. Josh, I got it to work fairly simple, but I need some help on the mapping, the shoulder buttons, right button does not work, and yellow and blue buttons don’t match, left trigger not working but the blue button does what the LT is suppose to, so it is just a mapping problem , Brand new xbox 360 wired shows up as 360PRO,don’t know if the pro-model is problem but will try a standard wire in a few days,, yellow on reg-xbox does crafting and blue does inventory, on mine yellow does inventory and blue does nothing. Is there somewhere to find the mapping layout-assignment?? BTW running win 8.1 , removed java8, and installed java79, plugged in controller and did a restart, did install, and it went to working with few problems mentioned.

  245. Successfully downloaded and installed, but poor performance. The controls are laggy and don’t actually match up with the Xbox.

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  247. mine says security to high and anyway do a proper job not dese one

    Default Minecraft (MC) controller mappings 4 Speedlink — TORID
    4 Xpadder joy2key

  249. Hello! That is really neato! Does it work with XPR too?

  250. New XBOX360 USB controller is not recognized by my computer for Mineecraft. Minecontrol is working. Can anyobe help?

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