Posted by: Josh | July 7, 2012

Minecontrol for Minecraft 1.2.1 + beta channel

Version 1.2.1 adds mappable hotkeys R, F, Z, X, C,V and mouse button #2 (scroll wheel click).



Also added for the first time is a beta channel, where you can see future versions of Minecontrol.

Version 2.0.0a is currently uploaded, offering a refreshed UI. It is currently lacking some major features, namely controller configuration and preference saving, but it does have pre-configured use of the D-pad. You can use these two launch links to switch between the different versions.



Note that at this time, the controller left joystick is permanently bound to W-A-S-D and the controller right joystick will be bound to mouse movements.



  1. That was really nice to hear, and its a good update too. Thanks

  2. Just a question/request, if possible. Is there any way to bind the F3, or preferably the Shift-F3 combination, to a button? Ideally, I’d love to be able to bind the combo to up on the D-pad, but I don’t see a way to do it here. Otherwise, this app is perfect…

  3. Trying to install on w7 x64 via the launch file, progress bar stalls about half way – wonder if you have any suggestions. Thanks

  4. Rejected security certificate; will not run on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

  5. Thank you, your program allows me to play more MC than I otherwise would due to CTS.

  6. Nether the stable nor beta are working great for me, I assume that is because I am using Minecraft 1.3.2. Also I’d love a .jar so I can skip the cert warnings.

  7. Is there any chance of this working with other controllers? I have a recoil pad from Phillips but no XBox controllers..

  8. It doesn`t work for me at all, i`m staying with XPadder until Jeb has added proper support

  9. I must say, this is awesome. My only issue is that the trigger buttons 1.) don’t do anything and 2.) don’t show up in the button config menu. This mod makes my lack-of-a-life easier since using a laptop touchpad for MC can be a tad aggravating. I’ve moved the keys to make due, but I’m curious as to what could be causing my issue. Great mod regardless.

  10. Having problems here with the triggers and stuff. When I look too far down or up, it’s as if like the left mouse button is being held… very annoying. Any ideas?

    This is awesome though it’s just a little rough around the edges.

  11. I have downloaded the minecontrol previously and it worked just fine untill today. When I go to open it will open a window that sais:

    starting application…

    verifying application…


    I have downloaded previous versions and its still doing the same thing, i don’t have a single clue why its not working all of the sudden.

  12. @Beau: do you get any more information than that? I was experimenting yesterday on the beta channel with a new version of Minecontrol that should fix some glitchy movement and button clicks… going to should get you back to normal, but it’s really important I know what went wrong…
    Also look and see if Java has popped up a security warning window in the background.

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