xbox360Update: Minecontrol 1.1.0!


Enjoy Minecraft like it was made for the Microsoft Xbox 360 on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine with this Java app called Minecontrol. It takes gamepad input (using JInput) and converts it into mouse and keyboard commands.

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The problem occurs when you try to compile and run a Windows Phone 7 project, resulting in an alert saying “Application not installed”.


There’s a good chance this started happening after you migrated the project, or perhaps pulled a copy from source control.

The solution here is simple, though not immediately apparent. Change the “Solution platforms” drop list to “Windows Phone”.


Re-run it, and the emulator will be able to run the app again.

Posted by: Josh | June 29, 2010

Automate jar signing in Eclipse with Apache Ant


Reasons why you’d want to bother self-signing a Java archive:

  • Deploying your application with Java Web Start (perhaps an under-rated technology)
  • Verifying the integrity of the archive

You don’t really need Eclipse, but it’s the environment you usually work in, then you get a bonus of avoiding a command line. This has been tested on Eclipse 3.6 Helios, but probably works on prior versions too.

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Posted by: Josh | June 23, 2010

phpHgAdmin Web Mercurial Repository Manager

Formerly “Hg-PHP”, phpHgAdmin is the re-branded v1.1.x release of the Mercurial repository management project.

The minor version bump is for

  • extended support for special characters in config files
  • multi-profile support, so multiple hgweb.config files can be maintained from one phpHgAdmin installation
  • user interface can be completely controlled by a theme pack, with a WordPress look & feel
  • significantly cleaned and re-structured, with caching
  • install utility: phpHgAdmin config validator

Upgrade instructions: recommend a fresh install. v1.1 now uses the ‘paths’ group instead of ‘collections’ in hgweb.config. These changes should be manually carried out. You should manually repair the hgweb.config file. An entry:

/path/to/repo/name = name

should now be referred to as

name = /path/to/repo/name

You still get all the same benefits from the previous 1.0 release

  • create and delete repositories
  • edit individual repository (hgrc) config in real-time
  • optimistic concurrency control: safeguard against unintentional config overwrites
  • translations-ready for your language


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Posted by: Josh | June 1, 2010

CodeIgniter integration with DokuWiki

This simple library for CodeIgniter makes rendering a page from a local DokuWiki installation as simple as loading a CI view.

With the permission of Jérôme Jaglale over at, I brought over his rendering code and packaged it up for CI. The comments on his code’s release have also been taken into consideration.

It should be compatible on any server hosting both a functioning CI and DW installation, and has been tested on CodeIgniter 1.7.2 + DokuWiki 2009-12-25c “Lemming” and PHP 5.2.

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For those that have successfully deployed Mercurial to shared hosting, Hg-PHP Mercurial Repository Manager adds a web interface to manage the hosted repositories. For this first release (v1.0.20100516), features include:

  • create new and delete existing repositories (modifies to hgweb.config)
  • update individual repository settings, controlled available config options (modifies hgrc)
  • integrated changeset, graph and file browser via original Mercurial web front-end
  • overwrite protection (optimistic locking prevents accidental change cancellation when another user makes a change)
  • theme mimicry (manager skinnable with the same stylesheet as available Mercurial web styles)
  • basic authentication – filter repository-authenticated users by username

Installation is simple when performed in addition to my previous Mercurial shared server installation guide.

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Posted by: Josh | May 20, 2010

UBC ResNet Quota Monitor 2, “beta”

I’ve decided to give this project one big last push as I’m graduated from UBC and thus don’t really need this application any more. For those visiting now from UBC Vancouver ResNet, I need your help:

Latest RQMv2 is a Java Web Start application, .

Posted by: Josh | May 13, 2010

Hg-PHP Mercurial Repository Manager annoucement

So now that we have Mercurial repository hosting capabilities on a shared server, we’re going to want a better way to manage these repositories from the web. My solution is called Hg-PHP, which will allow basic functions (for now) such as repository create, disable/enable, delete, plus per-repository settings and access control.

Sneak peek at hg-php, with hg 'coal' lookalike theme

Also, source code will be always visible on this project. The public repository will be updated here. An installation post will be here once the basic features are complete.

And if you’re wondering which web host supports the Hg installs, I test with’s shared server. Visit JustHost directly or support me via my referral link.

I’m posting these instructions just in case you want to run your own Mercurial packages, or run your C/C++ binary on a shared hosting server which has the capability to execute but not compile.

In this example I’ll be demonstrating building Mercurial from source, but I suppose this could apply to other projects like Trac. To continue, it’d be best if you’ve had a little bit of experience with Linux and the bash terminal, to help trouble-shoot should a problem arise. Read More…


I’ve got three great pieces of software running on my shared host – Mantis Bug Tracker, DokuWiki content manager, and Mercurial source repository. Combined, they make quite a robust system to plan, manage, and develop with.

Problem was, each had their own user account system, and the last thing I needed was to keep track of three more credentials. So the logical solution? Consolidate them.

Accounts created with Mantis BT will now be instantly usable for log-in in DokuWiki, and registered for HTTP Basic Authentication with Mercurial. Want to do the same? Here’s what you’ll need.

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