Posted by: Josh | October 29, 2009

ResNet Quota Monitor 2 still in works, maybe going open-source

Animated side-scrolling display and tray icon.

Animated side-scrolling display and tray icon.

The latest version of the ResNet Quota Monitor is still under works, but development is slow since I’m not staying on campus residence and thus allocate a lot less time to it than I used to. That being said, I’m considering to open this project up for others to contribute, so stay tuned…

This new version removes the “balloon” notification, in favour of a slidey toaster/growler that will have a standard look and feel across Windows, OS X and the various flavours of Java-compatible Linux. Here’s a sneak peak – with some icon work by Vince from .

Structually, the system is being re-done, with use of a more intuitive blackboard design pattern revolving around a built-in plug-in manager, for future plug-ins written by the community. It should be robust enough to be extrapolated for other colleges, or just as an application framework for any multi-component project.

And remember, if you ever have UBC ResNet, wireless, VPN, or even Campus Wide Login (CWL) problems, remember to visit the friendly staff at the UBC IT Help Desk.

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