Posted by: Josh | April 19, 2009

Updates soon…

Well I told myself I’d regularly keep a log of what’s going on in my tech life – and clearly that hasn’t been happening. Basically due to the school term and a web prototype called GISH-N (Georeference Information System for Horticulture and Nature (a good use of acronyms)) which finally had given me a cause to try out CodeIgniter.

As I close up my books for the beginnings of summer, I plan to open up my laptop and bring you:

  • Team Development and CodeIgniter – 6 people, four months, and countless hours of code
  • ResNet Quota Monitor for UBC, v2 – meaner, cleaner, and slicker than before – will be available for Windows/Mac/Linux!
  • Distributed Computing Framework – working on a system to easily make your Java App rise into the clouds
  • Source Version Control – could  Mercurial be replacing SVN in my future?
    Can’t wait to learn about it? See the Google Tech Talk here:
    Props to Nathaniel for bringing this up

See you in the near future!


  1. Lot’s of cool stuff here Josh. Can’t wait for some updates!

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