Posted by: Josh | October 16, 2008

Putting the “2.0” in Web 2.0 – Nathaniel Sabanski

In this day and age, we expect websites to be more than information vectors. Just like your favourite sports car, not only does it have to get its job done, but it has to get its job done in style. Meet Nathaniel Sabanski, and he’s the Web equivalent of that Aston Martin engineer who puts all the right curves in all the right places.

It’s Nat’s birthday today, so I’d like to wish him a happy birthday! Nat has been my long-time tech collaborator and beta tester; he helped me to solve the Tetris Cube puzzle earlier this year and run several compatibility tests without any hesitation over the years and for this I thank him.

Nathaniel does one of the best theme integration I’ve ever seen – providing a balance of functionality and beauty. Some of his work includes… : Nathaniel’s Blog : Web Development

LAN Party Eh : Helping to plan LAN parties across Canada!

He’s also recently switched over to Java and has started to do some neat modelling utilizing Java’s OpenGL (JOGL) APIs and has done several C++ GUI application. Another framework he’s stumbled upon is CodeIgniter for PHP, which I have yet to investigate, but appears to be a powerful base to build “kick-ass PHP programs”!

So if you need a web application solution, want to plan a LAN party, or indulge more in the future of the Web, I definately recommend you check out Nat’s sites.


  1. Interesting reading an article about myself. Lol, very flattering.

    Many thanks Josh!

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