Posted by: Josh | September 29, 2008

New project: Resnet Quota Monitor (RQM)

As all my projects seem to have started out – in the midst of studying and a growling hunger for java – I was hit by a flash of inspiration: an obedient little tool that sits quietly in the background and makes sure you aren’t running close to your Resnet Quota.

For those of you who don’t know, residences on UBC campus are supplied a *very* high-speed (>1 MB/s) connection to the world, with a cap of 6 GB per 24 hours. Sure, you could manually check their website at every once in a while and get your stats (you’ve got to be on Resnet to see it), but that’s tedious and interruptive. You definately realize when you’ve hit your cap though, as you get shoved in their “penalty box” until your usage in the last day drops below the quota. And the penalty of a throttled 50KB/s (think dial-up) connection makes you notice, but a little too late.

So I present to you the Resnet Quota Monitor. Written for Java, using the new TrayIcon class introduced in 1.6. It is currently translated for English and Chinese (simplified).

It checks every once in a while, and will give you a balloon-style warning at 75%, 90%, and 100% of quota usage.

Possible updates will be:

  • increase language support: chinese (traditional), japanese, korean, additional by request
  • check for software updates and notify if any
  • synchronize tool update time with Resnet’s statistic update time
  • saving/editing configuration settings
For now, it’s functional enough to be used, so as soon as I find a way to host it, expect it to be available here soon!


  1. […] night, after he showed me his latest beta project: a monitor for reznet quota that warns the user who decides to download more than 6 Gb of stuff in one day, Josh said “I […]

  2. Hi Josh! Got here through Billy’s… congrats on your new blog!!

    And wow that’s an awesome idea of yours… I can totally see all the res ppl using this software in the near future 🙂

    Oh and I think it may be more grammatically correct if the Chinese translation is:

    UBC Resnet 配额显示器

    欢迎。每半小时更新。系统会在超过配额限制时,向您提出警告讯息。非隶属於 UBC。


    UBC Resnet 配額顯示器

    歡迎。每半小時更新。系統會在超過配額限制時,向您提出警告訊息。非隸屬於 UBC。


    Haha not sure if that will help a bit but anyway please keep up the good work!!

  3. hello josh! congrats on your new blog! lol 🙂

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for this tool is really helpful! I was wondering if for the next version, you could make it show when you are out of the penalty box. Also an Error message comes up if I disconnect and reconnect my laptop while being in the penalty box saying that “an error occured while attempting to retrieve stats: java.lang.NullPointerException”

  5. @Nick: thanks for trying it out and for your feedback! I’ve been meaning to push version 2 out the door, but not being in rez this year is going to make it difficult. check back soon and I’ll try and have something new posted to tinker with

  6. It’s 7GB a day.
    And can you post the source?

  7. @Frank: Thanks for your interest! They’ve been slowly increasing that limit; I remember it being 5 GB/day and a 1 MB/s connection so you’ve got it pretty good! Source will be coming soon…

  8. @josh: What Frank was saying is that now the quota was raised to 7GB this year. They’ve been slowly incrementing it; last year it was 6GB. I don’t know about the speed.

  9. would you be posting a mac compatible one?

  10. @Frank: posting the source is still on my todo list, cause I’ll need people still in ResNet to make sure it’s working.

    @Dexter: I think it should already be Mac-compatible, assuming you’re running Java 1.5 or higher (or equivalent).

  11. How do you check the number of connections? I’ve told BT to only use 6GB per day (1 GB saved for normal web browsing), but I don’t know how to monitor the total number of connections.

  12. DC++???

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